The Admiral Codrington

I enjoyed a sunday lunch here with a group of friends.

Suggested by an italian friend who is been going there for years saying it will always be the best gastro pub in the area.

I had , of course, the burger:

The Admiral Codrington’s burger & chips- 180g rare breed beef, brioche bun, slaw, bacon,cheddar.

The presentation is bit poor if you compare to the other schools of “famous burgers” , it arrived on a white plate, accompanied by a bowl of triple cooked chips.

The coating of cheese that covers the patty is an insipid, bit anaemic-looking translucent layer, but tasted much better than it looked.

The thin layer of redness between cheese and top of the bun is tomato chutney.

The meat was nothing special but at the same time there was nothing wrong with it , it was just unremarkable in every single way, cooked perfectly to order, but bit dry.

Since the Admiral Codrington is garnering a reputation for serving excellent food I definitely need to come back there and try again the food, because I enjoyed my time there being a relaxing proper sunday lunch.

Overall, a pleasant experience.

Altro a food journey by Laura D.

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