Patty and Bun

Definitely a burger experience that left a mark.

Recommended Patty & Bun by friends, and finally I have had the time to continue
my “burger trip”.

I was prepared for a
long queue, but instead we only had a short wait and we got seated in 15 minutes.

The delicious and juicy burgers (one of the best I have ever had)
arrived wrapped up in their personalized  P&B paper.

Really good quality beef . I had  the “Smokey
Robinson’ burger “ -Beef patty, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Mounds of caramelised
onions, Bacon, Ketchup, Smokey P&B mayo, Brioche-.

I loved the brioche bun too.

We also had bbq chicken wings…  They  have been slow
cooked  and melt in your mouth fully covered by bbq sauce and a little cut
of spring onions…

incredibly tasty  and had as another side dish ,the 
chips with rosemary salt, very good as well  but less tasty than the ones
from honest Burger, which I preferred.  

The place is small, simple and minimal, and  music was a
little too loud (although I was seated underneath a loudspeaker) but nice music
infact I shazamed few songs  .

Reasonable price for a high quality burger in Central London 

Overall rating 9/10

I went here :

Patty & Bun | 54 James St | London | W1U 1HE | 020
7487 3188

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