A lifetime would not be enough to try all  London
best burgers !

At this level  it’s all down to personal
taste, but for me MeatLiquor was one of the best ,if not THE best!

Yesterday was totally unexpected for me to go and try a new burger, but we
did it and I was very happy to discover 
that the burger there  were just

As soon as we arrived, we ‘ve
been told to wait about 20-25 minutes(of course NO
RESERVATIONS), so inside we ‘ve been greeted by a dark and trash
atmosphere with graffiti on the wall and red lights.

 During our wait (which became approximately 1
hour) we had a beer served in can with  a
frozen glass and a glass of Malbec served in…a jam jar!!!

The place is violently loud, the
volume was  more like a night club ,and
you can barely hear the waiters but we manage to order a bacon cheeseburger, a green chili cheeseburger
, hippie fries(fries, grilled onions and hippie sauce- AMAZING!!!), and chicken

Food arrived  on a tray , no plates, and the burgers  were extremely  good, “meaty, beefy, cheesy and mustardy”. I personally
don’t like mustard on burgers  but this
mustard-fried meat  was incredibly good.


Overall rating 9/10  (but only for the burgers 10/10)

74 Welbeck Street
London | W1G 0BA

Altro a food journey by Laura D.

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