Dirty Burger

outstanding burger in a micro “dirty”  and industrial environment opposite the  Boxpark in Shoreditch.

Little bit
messy to eat because it is not a proper restaurant for sitting, however the
burgers are excellent.

The burger
menu was the shortest I have  ever seen ,
very simple.

 I had the Dirty Bacon Cheeseburger , crinkle
cut chips and onion fries.

When I
imagine a “dirty burger” I immediately think of the one I had at Meatliquor or
Patty and Bun, but here definitely it wasn’t so dirty in the traditional

The toppings in the burger were
fresh and the tomato gave a clean bite, the bacon was the best I ever had in a
cheeseburger , soft but at the same time crisp,and juicy. The meat was well
cooked and the bun soft. 

The crinkle cut fries were crispy
and properly salty.

 Sadly the onion fries were not my style . I prefer
 a full ring and these were chopped in
two. And the dough itself reminded me more of beignets rather than the crispy ones.
 So the first couple were ok but they
were too heavy to finish them off.

rating 8/10

Burger Shoreditch

13 Bethnal
Green Road
E1 6LA

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