As soon as I opened the pub door I knew this was the pub for us!

I can happily reconfirm how the quality of Prospect of Whitby is high.

Yesterday I had again the “Wild Boar & Pork Burger” -topped with slow cooked pulled pork, dressed in their very own 1730 ale BBQ sauce and served with their unique burger sauce- and I can tell you that bun, patty and all the ingredients I added , perfectly matched the top of my taste.

I chose the sweet potatoes chips as side dish: they were amazing, salty and tasty. And everyone has stolen them from my dish.

The pub’s atmosphere is warm and cosy, and there is a magnificent River Thames ‘ view .

It is definitely a place where to go every time you fancy a relaxed dinner or brunch in a very historic and nautical riverside environment .

* They have a large selection of beers too

Prospect of Whitby
57 Wapping Wall, London 


020 7481 1095

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