Blas Burgerworks

I am continuing my research even during my holiday weekend in Corwall!

Cozy and cute place in the heart of St.Ives!

At Bas Burgerworks they  use recycled boxes and napkins, they recycle cans, glass, plastic, paper and everything to keep their land beautiful in the years…

they  made is with Cornish meat, free
range  chicken and seasonal vegetables.

Even the
cola was organic!!!

The the menu is varied and includes a great selection of burgers also vegetarian ones.
I had the “burger du jour” but the vegeterian version:
bean burger, Davidstow ( check it out = ) cheddar cheese, mojo picon(hot pepper sauce), mixed leaves & aioli… with chips of course!

is fresh and local and  you can taste it!!!

Good Food Guide
awarded them 8 times!!!

Very nice
experience to recommend

Overall rating 9/10

The Warren, St Ives,

TR26 2EA

01736 79 72

Altro a food journey by Laura D.

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